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  • Street Art and Murals

    Art is the cure :-)

    Always loved to draw

    ...and draw...

    Since I always liked to draw, my first murals started in my room... I was curing pneumonia and I was looking at my walls... Empty white canvas that were just calling me... And that's when it all began...

  • Yoga and workshops

    Cofounder of Velvet Pepper Studio

    Andrea is a yoga teacher who loves to dance, who tries to find a rythm in everything, especially in practice. I danced ballet for many years and when I quit my ballet career I had to find something to keep her entertained. It was yoga, flowing, beautiful yoga that won me over 16 years ago.

    I am a professional fashion designer, who started exploring different yoga styles in high school and found particular pleasure in dynamic styles that explore and shift the boundaries of the human body through creative and playful sequences.

    I'm a certified Multistyle yoga (YT200) teacher and a senior Vinyasa Yoga teacher (YT500) and Vinyasa Krama and Moon Sequence Teacher (YT300) (VKM by Matthew Sweeney)

    I've been sharing my knowledge, love and passion for yoga for already 10 years now, passing my knowledge to all who have the curiosity to learn...

    I am grateful to my teachers Marco Bianco, Sandra D. Bianco and Snježana Nina Vukas for showing me the way and giving me direction; Neil Barker, Darko Milaščević and Matthew Sweeney for passing me on their love of the human body, and many other different teachers who have contributed to my passing on my inspiration and love for yoga: Duncan Wong , Sonja Ržepski, David Swenson, Adam Rinder, Sadie Nardini, Claire Missingham, Lea Lončar, Jadranko Miklec, Gabriela Božić, Govinda Kai, and others who have offered their knowledge and helped me incorporate it in my lectures.

    Inspired by the human body, love of practising and researching yoga, together with Christiana I founded the Velvet Pepper studio, and I invite you to discover the possibilities of creative expression through the body and the joy it brings to your life!



    ​by Andrea and Toni Vidas

    “Sweet Core of mine” is a workshop dedicated to waking of centre, core, so called brain of the body and my favourite playground.

    The usage of center is explored from the beggining of the class with very specific abdominal work and continues through creative flow of asanas which gradually lead to advanced positions which perhaps you weren't aware you were able to do.

    It is meant for everybody with enough curiosity and will to explore boundaries of your own ability, but not for total begginers.

    Only thing required from you are your positive attitude and broad smile, everything else will come through the class. :-)

    This workshop is followed by special music set made especially by Toni Vidas, a young DJ who is creating music for almost 10 years now. In 2014 his track became a part of BBC radio 1 Essential Mixes played by Marco Carola on Ibiza.
    We made a collaboration to make a new experience of yoga followed by minimal sound, strong bass to keep your heartrate up through challenging class... :-)
    Feel the sound preview here... :-) FG040: Biella & Astrall, Toni Vidas - Feel My Sound (Seeward Remix)


    The Moon Sequence is a gentle flowing yoga practice developed by Matthew Sweeney.

    Moon Sequence is a counter practice to dinamic Ashtangha or Vinyasa practice.

    A balance to the demands of the Surya based Ashtanga is to regularly practice meditation and to practice a softer, gentler Asana practice from time to time and Chandra Krama (or something like it) is essential for all Ashtanga practitioners, men and women. This sequence will help you rebalance energetically, psychologically and physically. In particular, as over 80% of Ashtangis are women, the need for a sequence that is focused on menstruation, ovulation and the phases of the moon is absolutely necessary.

    The Moon Sequence takes pressure off the shoulders and upper body, particularly for students who work too much, or too soon on the jump through and jump backs. It places more emphasis on the lower body, the hips, and a soft and stable abdomen and helps to soften the tight area of legs, hips and lower back, thus is a great help for painless forwardbends and any asanas that require open hips and ease in lower back.

    Keeping your practice constantly intensive without a sequence like Chandra Krama will usually lead to some kind of imbalance, physically or otherwise.


    The Moon Sequence is intended to help awareness of the cycles of the Moon and encourage your intuitive faculty. It is not intended to entirely replace your Ashtanga practice, or any other practice for that matter, rather to enhance and balance your weekly routine. 

    It helps to prevent and cure injuries and is suitable for all types of practicioners.




    Guess you already heard of the term ”Backbend” , which would mean leaning (bending) backwards.
    There are a lot of studies that are dedicated to demanding asanas of leaning your back backwards, but do we know how to make this position pleasant and stable in all its beauty no matter how easy or difficult the position is?
    Do we know how to get out of position without putting your back in risk of injury and perform it in safe and painless way?
    Although backbend positions are frequently associated with core stability and spine flexibility the whole philosophy is much deeper. Where do other parts of the body involved in backbands like shoulders, chest, thoracic spine and legs come in?

    To connect all this parts and to investigate the part of all these body regions in this massive puzzle of safe and deep backbends without back pain, this masterclass is designed to open your chest, stretch shoulder muscles and tissues, tightening the core and developing leg stability.
    All positions will be built from the most basic beginnings so all level of practicioners are welcome.

    .All you need to do is accept your limits :-)


    Hips are one of the most rigid and most painful joints in our body, they are in use all the time.

    Muscles we use for basic human motions like walking, running or any other activity that involves legs (even sitting) puts pressure and tension on hip area.

    Insufficient stretching of this area can lead to stiffness, circulation troubles and even to severe problems with other parts of the body e.g. back pain.

    To prevent these problems and to give your hips the care they need, I created Happy Hips program.

    It is designed to make your hips happy, especially in the period of cold weather and lack of natural heat to warm our bones.

    Program is designed to gradually access all body parts surrounding hips so we will work on all four sides of the body, therefore we will need some patience to concentrate on every part.

    This workshop is intended for all level practitioners and it does not perquisite any knowledge beforehand.


    DISCIPLINA KIČME (Yoga For The Spine)

    You know that the spine is the column of our health?

    It's the reason we walk and stand tall, it holds us upright and leads us through life.

    Considering today's challenges of constantly sitting, typing, scrolling your cellphones, our spine is not as healthy and painless as it use to be, would you agree?

    This is why I created a workshop that dedicates special attention to building up deep core muscles (they also help the spine, they do the inside job :-), side body stretch and strengthening and finally spinal muscles to keep us straight.

    Workshop ends with some block therapy, squizing acupressure points, and then some deep twisting :-)

    Practice is simple so you can take it all home and do it by yourself, but trust me- you will feel like a new woman or a man :-)


  • Design...

    Imagination is the beggining of creation...

    Started like love at first sight

    "Since I was a little girl, I wanted my dolls to look pretty... And not just pretty, fabulous!!! But I couldn't do it with the clothes they already had, they had to have personalised, once in a lifetime dresses no other doll is ever gonna have. And that's how it all started..."

    And then I grew up...


    In 2004. I started to go to college in Zagreb, Fashion design just blew my mind... It was all I ever wanted... And more...

    I could incorporate my love for unique and exttravagant peaces in one... Even opened my own shop, enchanted forest full of elfs and fairies keeping my clothes and jewelery safe...

    Doing Fashion shows really made me happy :-)

    During my education I started doing fashion shows and it was a new level in my fashion career. Excitement before the show, runway full of my models... Priceless!!!

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